Rock for Life, an initiative of Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization, is kicking off it’s 41-state, 58-stop music festival tour this weekend. The group will travel over 27,000 miles with stops at 58 Vans Warped and Christian Music Festivals.

Last summer was the first time Rock for Life toured on the secular Vans Warped Tour, which was met with intolerance from abortion advocates, who tweeted hateful messages at the group. This year, they have already organized a petition to kick Rock for Life off the tour simply because they are pro-life. Part of the petition reads:

“This scene is supposed to be safe for women and people with vaginas, and while Warped is open to people of all beliefs to attend , many including myself believe that a non profit organization that promotes the restriction of reproductive rights should NOT be allowed to attend and try to spread their propaganda.”

“Rock for Life is excited to present the pro-life message to both secular and Christian audiences this summer and be examples of love and compassion,” said Erik Whittington, president of Rock for Life. “We are expecting the typical intolerance of the pro-abortion movement to try to shut us down but we are more than thrilled to have the opportunity to be a voice for the women betrayed by the abortion industry and be a resource for women considering abortion or facing an unplanned pregnancy.”

The summer festival tour is Rock for Life’s biggest event of the year. The entire team and several interns spend countless hours away from home touring the country to talk about the pro-life message to thousands of young people who are just figuring out what they believe about abortion.

“Our team will have the opportunity to reach more than a million young people this summer, many of whom are not pro-life or who are undecided on abortion,” said Whittington. “Reaching these young adults at this age and presenting them with a positive, pro-life message in a laid-back environment is crucial.”

Rock for Life began in 1993 and became part of Students for Life of America in 2014. They are known for their edgy pro-life gear and merchandise and being the pro-life voice in the music entertainment industry.

“Rock for Life is meeting these young people where they are, speaking their language, and representing the pro-life movement in a compassionate and loving way,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “This is how we are going to change the culture to be a life-affirming culture that accepts, loves, and helps women and their preborn babies.”

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